How to follow the guides

These guides assume you are comfortable with the Command Line, Git and Python. You must have all of these installed on your machine. You are also strongly encouraged to have a GitHub account.

This section contains guides to help you do some of the required tasks for creating a Mother Tongues Dictionary. There are a lot of guides here and some of them are quite involved. Before each guide, there is a little paragraph (like the one above) that discusses the knowledge that you're assumed to have before attempting the guide, please take note of that! Remember that if you don't know one or more of the pre-requisite skills, the internet is a wonderful place with lots of resources for learning.

Mother Tongues Starter

Before proceeding to any of the sections below, it's highly recommended to fork or clone the Mother Tongues Dictionary Starter. It is set up with automated GitHub actions that will make your life easier!


  1. Preparing your Mother Tongues Dictionary
  2. Building your Mother Tongues Dictionary
  3. Publishing your Mother Tongues Dictionary
  4. Updating your dictionary data

There are a lot of steps here, but if you stick with it, it will dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to create and publish a dictionary app.